Lennox in the media

Inclean article March 2015 Paul Morrall on how training staff is fundamental to business success.

Inclean article Jan 2015 Elaine Torode presenting the Lennox Institute Innovation Through People Award

Elaine Torode CEO at Lennox Institute at Cleanscene 2014

Lennox discusses skilled workforce necessity at CleanEnviro Summit in Asia

Inclean article July 2014 Paul Morrall  on  Education platforms that drive performance

Inclean article July 2014 Elaine Torode on Cleaning Industry skills targeted for development

Inclean article Feb2014 Lennox Institute Supporting BSCAA Excellence Awards

Inclean article Feb 2014 Lennox Institute how IT will continue to drive changes in training and development delivery

Lennox has long been a supporter of Inclean magazine, the leading publication in the building services industry: www.incleanmag.com.au.   We are pleased to reproduce, with permission of Intermedia (publisher of In Clean), recent articles and news stories about Lennox Institute.

September 2013 Lennox in National Skills week

September/October 2103 INCLEAN Green Skills are crucial for a sustainable future

July/August 2013 INCLEAN What it takes to a star employee “out of the box”

October/November 2011 Lennox Institute receives Industry Award

October/November 2011 Lennox Institute gives out Industry awards

October/November 2011 Lennox Institute Heads up NCSA NSW

August/September 2011 Lennox Institute at Ausclean

June/July 2011 Lennox Institute shows how retaining key employees helps drive success

May/June 2011 Strong Industry support for leadership development

January/Febuary 2011 Lennox Institute launches Industry Leadership program for women

January/February 2011 Lennox Institute shows how a well built CRM can drastically improve your top and bottom line

January/Febuary 2011 Lennox Institute summarises the industry’s Learning and Development for 2010

January/February 2011 Diploma of Management for women in our industry

January/February 2011 NSW Hospital Networks recognise Certificate III Health’s value

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