Customised Training and Short Courses

If you are working towards improving operational standards, transitioning your company through a management change, implementing new policies and procedures or would like to reduce workplace injuries, Lennox Institute is experienced to assist you with customised training to deliver specific and measureable outcomes.

We specialise in working closely with companies to address issues like these. We start by learning about your business in order to clearly identify and understand the areas that need addressing. We then develop a systematic training program based on these fundamental needs and work with you to bring a holistic approach to your training needs.

At Lennox Institute, we draw on the skills and talents of our in-house experts as well as a wide network of highly specialised professionals to deliver a total training solution. We manage the implementation and continually review all aspects of the program to add value to your operation.

Whilst a number of our courses are accredited and nationally recognised we also have the capability to create customised non accredited courses which can be tailored to meet your specific company requirements. Lennox Institute works closely with a number of highly skilled management consultants and can facilitate management development workshops and team building seminars for your organisation.

As a registered training organisation, Lennox Institute is in a position to access State and Commonwealth funding to support training requirements.


safeRclean™ is a WHS safety induction course  which covers the basic skills in a cleaner’s role and includes the latest competency standards. safeRclean™ was developed in response to a need within the cleaning industry for a minimum standard of knowledge for  those working in a high risk environment.

With environmental issues high on our agenda, Lennox Institute has launched greenRclean™, a program that is designed to assist cleaning organisations develop meaningful environmental policies, train at all levels, assess the status of worksites, manage change processes, implement environmental policies and monitor program success.

Employee Safety Course

Leading employers take their duty of care obligations seriously and encourage improved communication, vigilance and increased awareness to reduce the risk of potential violence and aggression towards their employees in the workplace.

Infection Control for Forensic Cleaners

This involves the specialised cleaning and restoration of a high risk site or trauma scene where there is exposure to human bodily fluids.

Work Health & Safety

At Lennox Institute, we provide workplace and occupational training. In doing this we emphasise the safety aspects of the task in all of our training. Often it is impossible to separate the task from the safety considerations. Therefore, we often recommend to clients that they undertake a re-training of staff to re-learn work tasks so that they can be performed better and safer.

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